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Enjoy your time doing online jobs by working on a quiz. You can play different types of quizzes and get paid for solving puzzles. Work from home during your free time and get paid for playing quiz.

Job Description

Job NaturePlay Quiz
Job TypePart-time / Full-time
EarningsRs.10 per Quiz
SalaryUp to Rs.10000 Per Month
Working Hours1 – 3 hours
Skills RequiredBasic Internet Knowledge

Expected earning per month

Suppose you start playing quiz with a rate of Rs.10 per quiz. If you played 30 quiz per day than the daily calculated income is Rs.300. On average in 25 days you can make Rs.7500 with Playing Quiz.

So Approximately you will earn up to Rs.10000 per month.

Note: You must be involved with our work dedicatedly and repeatedly.


Basic knowledge in English and minimum typing speed and knowledge in surfing the internet is enough for doing our job.


You will be paid directly by our company. Once you reach the threshold limit of Rs.5000, receive your earning by GPay, Cheque, or Online Money Transfer.


Basic Internet Knowledge is enough.

No Minimum amount of work to be done in a day

Work Anytime, Anywhere.

Get Paid Daily by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paytm.

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