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Jobs with Us

Online Jobs You Can Do With Us

Copy paste Data Entry

Data entry jobs are simple. It requires you to copy and paste information from one place to another. You will receive content on your account that has to be pasted to the different sites. We pay you for every valid content posted on the mentioned websites. We give you a list of the websites and the content that has to be posted.

Article Writing

If you enjoy writing, then you can take up article writing as one of your part-time jobs. The articles will be checked for plagiarism, so make sure that you do not copy the content from any other website. You must also submit two high-quality images along with the written content. The images must be related to the article you have written.

Play quiz

Enjoy your time doing online jobs by working on a quiz. You can play different types of quizzes and get paid for solving puzzles. Work from home during your free time and get paid for playing quiz.

Approve links

One of the ways to earn money through online jobs is to approve the links we provide to you. The links must be checked and verified on certain parameters. We will provide you with a list of links, and you have to verify and approve them.